Amy Foundation celebrates Youth Day

The Amy Foundation held a Youth Day event in Philippi.

The Amy Foundation held a Youth Day celebration filled with music and dance at Bongolethu Primary School in Philippi.

About 1 400 guests attended the event at the foundation’s after-care centre on Thursday June 16 where 144 youth performed. The programme included marimba, choral singing, a skit on the importance of Youth Day and local acts including gumboot, kwaito, pantsula, krump and klopse.

The after-care centre is one of four centres the Sybrand Park-based foundation is involved with. Projects support more than 1000 children at centres in Gugulethu, Philippi, Bonteheuwel and Sybrand Park, according to communications and fundraising manager Michelle Bagley.

“Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we had not been able to have as many local events and concerts. We are so proud of our young learners and wanted to showcase what they have learned in the last six months at the after-school programme,” she said.

The foundation offers after-school, vocational-skills and youth-skills development including entrepreneurial programmes. Participants can enter programmes from primary and secondary schools and continue even after leaving school until they become economically active.

“The after-school programmes attempt to supplement the shortcomings of the educational system in the townships, while the youth-skills programme addresses the unacceptably high unemployment levels in these challenged communities,” she said.

Performer Hlumelo Lali said she was inspired by the Youth Day event. “The youth need to remember our history and thank those who fought for our freedom and allowed us to be where we are, here in South Africa,” she said.

The Amy Foundation Trust (formerly the Amy Biehl Foundation Trust) is a non-profit organisation that helps children and youth from vulnerable communities.

Khwela performers Nomvelo Mzamo, left, and Akhona Simayile.
Performers Hlumelo Lali, left, and Sisipho Sam.