Alzheimer’s support group

An elderly resident doing artwork at Brenthurst Residence.

World Alzheimer’s Day is on Friday September 21, and people across the globe will remember those who suffer from this debilitating disease.

The Brenthurst Residence in Plumstead hosts a monthly Dementia Care Support Group to help family and friends care for a loved one dealing with dementia.

As dementia progresses, the person will become increasingly less able to look after themselves, but this does not mean their life has come to an end, says the home’s matron, Lizann Painter

“Caring for someone with memory loss, confusion, restlessness and anxiety — all components of changes in the brain that is no longer able to receive or interpret signals — is not for the weak-hearted. It takes deep fortitude and strength of spirit,” she said.

For more formation on dementia care, visit or contact Ms

The support group meets at the Brenthurst Residence lounge in Plumstead on the first Wednesday of the month at 3pm.