Abusing the defenseless

Charlotte Caine, Claremont

Ah men

Meant to protect and defend

By shielding and safe-guarding

Those who depend on you

What induces you now to

Abuse women, children and infants

With vicious assaults and barbaric attacks?

What impels you to defeat

Those so much weaker than you

Who rely on you

And trust you to lead the way?

When did you lose your way?

What made you think it was okay

To make the harmless and innocent pay

For your dissolution?

When did you decide that alcohol or drugs

Would be a justifiable excuse

For the extent of your descent

Into degradation?

Ah, men ….

Born to be brave and bold and manly

Do not deny responsibility

Against those who should be condemned

Do not pretend not to see the culpability

Of those who level brutality

And inhumanity

Who assault and rape and kill

The vulnerable and the helpless

Ah men

Professed protectors and defenders