Absorbing theatre in Rosebank

David Muller in a scene from Love Sex Fleas God (Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad).

The Rosebank Theatre will present the premiere of Love Sex Fleas God (Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Dad), a play that not only looks at the life of stay-at-home fathers, but the journey men take from childhood to fatherhood, on Wednesday August 31.

Runing for a short 10-day season, David Muller plays the central character of Bruce. Muller and Celia Musikanth’s adaptation of Bruce Clark’s book of the same title traces Bruce’s life from childhood to fatherhood.

It’s a journey from the stranglehold of a cult upbringing to freedom and self-discovery, which is frequently punctuated with comic and witty moments.

The audience witnesses a transcendence from a down-and-out abused teenager to a loving father of two children.

His insightful supportive wife allows Bruce to be far more than just a stay-at-home dad.

The metamorphosis from an insecure and angry young man to proud father is inspirational and makes for absorbing theatre.

Speaking to the Tatler this week, Muller explained that he met Clark in 2012 and was immediately taken by how he had managed to turn his life around against all odds.

“Here was a man who was struck by adversity as a child. His mother abandoned him at the age of three, and she went on to marry three other people. Bruce refused to call these men by their names, instead referring to them as ‘one, two and three’. His grandmother was appointed the legal guardian to him and his sister,” Muller said.

“When Bruce was growing up he went to 16 or 17 different schools. His life was utterly disrupted, but incredibly he turned it all around by marrying a loving woman and producing two beautiful children.”

He said it was true testimony to Clark’s character that in spite of being abandoned by his mother, he loved her very much and nursed her when she was stricken with cancer.

“He inherited a great sense of humour from her, which comes through in the book.”

Muller added there were certain parallels he drew with Clark.

“Like Bruce, I only started my own family at 48.

“I’m not as much a stay-at-home dad as Bruce, but I can definitely relate. I really think that this play will resonate with families, so I urge them to come along to see it.”

All evening shows start at 8pm with one matinee at 3pm on Saturday September 3.

Tickets from R60 to R100 are available on Webtickets or by calling Liz on 072 316 6133.