Abalone bust after gas explosion in Sybrand Park

A 48kg gas cylinder caught fire and exploded in Sybrand Park on Monday May 29.

A gas explosion not only shattered windows in Sybrand Park, but also blew the lid off what appears to have been an illegal abalone processing operation.

Mount Clare Street residents were shaken when the explosion rocked the neighbourhood on Sunday May 28, at 9am.

The blast injured two people and shattered the windows of six nearby houses.

Police who investigated found abalone worth R2.8 million on the property, where a leaking 48kg gas cylinder had ignited.

The gates and the walls of the double garage at another house were also damaged in the explosion.

Police arrested one man and two women in the house, and confiscated 28 bags of abalone which contained 200 abalone in each bag.

Mowbray SAPS Captain Delven Matroos said two of the suspects were still in hospital. One of the women was uninjured.