A few steps towards a healthy future

Romeo Brand and Kaylynn Palm will be doing weekly workouts.

With the countdown to Christmas already under way, CapeTowner is here to help you prepare for the holidays and get a head start on your new year’s fitness goals.

For the next five weeks, we will bring you a full workout programme with personal trainer Romeo Brand.
This will be featured in our newspapers and in an online video.

Romeo says the aim of the programme is to create an easy approach to getting healthy and fit with anything and everything at your disposal. He says you don’t need to buy or wait for any equipment at the gym, or even feel intimidated by the fancy machines – you can do the workouts at home or even in the park.

“The aim is to introduce basic bodyweight exercises and modify these exercise to change the body into a burning furnace that will continually help burn body fat and tone muscle; at the same time giving pointers on easy meal tips and complementing the workout programme to get great results that will make the kick-off in 2018 easier; and also maintaining the run throughout the festive season.”

So, why should you care about health and fitness? Romeo says exercise improves your mood by releasing good hormones. It also has a powerful effect on improving self esteem and confidence.

“We often have the idea that exercise improves physical appearance when, in actual fact, it transcends to emotional stability, mental toughness and improves our ability to fit in, where before we felt ostracised and excluded. This is 90% a mental block we impose on ourselves. Exercise is one of the greatest medicines to heal, more than we realise.”


Do three workouts per week.

Do four sets of 12 to 15 reps per exercise.

Do the exercises consecutively and rest 15 seconds between exercises.

After completion, rest 45 seconds between sets.

Plank to be done for 30 seconds.

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