A day out in the ‘child-friendly city’

The children enjoy a game of ring-a-rosy inside the gardens.

Sixteen organisations brought the Company’s Garden to life when 170 children from a Lansdowne-based organisation visited the gardens to celebrate International Day of the Child.

The Early Learning Resource Unit (ELRU) works to improve early childhood development (ECD) services to children in poor areas and also trains those who work at such facilities.

On Saturday November 19, the International Day of the Child was hosted to show that Cape Town is a child-friendly city.

Sixteen organisations, among them Elru, hosted activity stations for children, with the main focus of all the activities for the day to ensure that children from all walks of life were the centre of attention.

“Elru was honoured to offer a selection of activities that would ensure that children linked to nature and had fun at the same time. On offer was a water station, a bug station and a leaf station. All these activities promoted natural sciences in a fun manner suitable for children from two to 99,” Elru’s Hermoine Solomons said.

The activity stations were manned by Elru staff and their families and all activities offered were linked to two of Elru’s award winning books, Connecting to Nature and In the Garden.