9 arrested at drug hot spots

Police arrested eight men and a woman during raids on drug hot spots in Woodstock last Wednesday morning.

Woodstock police spokesman Sergeant Hilton Malila said the suspects were between the ages of 20 and 44 and had been carrying drugs and tools used to break into cars. Officers raided the Bromwell, Foundry, Wright Street and Mascani areas.

Police seized dagga, 18 packets of tik, 17 units of unga and cash.

On the same day, police seized R25 000 of drugs at the “Plasie” in Wright Street, including 12 000 mandrax tablets and 11 parcels of dagga.

Officers found the premises abandoned and made no arrests.

But in a raid a week earlier, police arrested 40 people, including a woman who had stolen golf cubs in her possession (“Police arrest 40 at Woodstock’s problematic Plasie”, Tatler, May 16)

Police issued fines totalling R9000 for various violations, including driving without a licence, to motorists at roadblocks in Victoria Road and Albert Road in Woodstock, last Wednesday.

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