80 arrested in crackdown

Police blocked all routes leading to the notorious drug den, Mascani settlement, along the railway to carry out the operation.

Police have arrested more than 80 people during crime crackdown in Woodstock.

The joint operation on Thursday January 4 involved law-enforcement agencies, im-
provement districts and community safety structures.

“The area of concern was in the vicinity of Railway, Strand and Beach roads in Woodstock. The area better known to the community as Mascani, where undocumented people and wanted suspects hide out and drug trafficking is taking place throughout the day,” said Woodstock police spokesman Sergeant Hilton Malila.

Police had received complaints about daily robberies and drug abuse in the area, he said.

One suspect was in possession of dagga and unga, a highly addictive heroin-based drug. Thirteen people were held on immigration charges, three were wanted on various charges, including robbery, possession of stolen property and drugs.

At a roadblock, police recovered a stolen car and arrested a 33-year-old man.