5 stabbed at Valentine’s party

The pupils alcohol was confiscated by law enforcement.

City law enforcement confirmed that more than 1 200 school pupils were involved in
an altercation last Friday, February 15, after a Valentine’s Day party held at the Paradise and Bucksburn parks in Claremont got out of control.

The altercation resulted in five pupils being stabbed and two being sent to the hospital.

Law enforcement spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, said the party started the afternoon at the parks in Claremont, was shut down by law enforcement and SAPS and pupils were then moved to the bus terminus.

“Two 16-year-old pupils were arrested by law enforcement officers in Claremont after they robbed two members of the public of a cellphone and cash, using a toy gun. The cash and cellphone were recovered,” said Inspector Dyason.

Jessica Shelver, the spokesperson for Education MEC Debbie Schäfer, said it was not clear what had caused the fight or if the pupils attended Western Cape Education Department schools.

“While we are concerned about the reports on violence at the party, the event was not an official school event and took place outside of school hours. We therefore cannot provide comment in this regard,” said Ms Shelver.

Colonel Maree Louw from Claremont police said police and law enforcement had had their hands full controlling the youth. With regards to the stabbing victims, Colonel Louw said: “No case could be opened as the stabber could not be identified.”

Colonel Louw said the two 16-year-old pupils who were arrested for robbing members of the public of their cellphone and cash were assessed and released into the care of their parents.

Colonel Louw said one girl narrowly escaped being sexually assaulted by a group of boys. “She was heavily under the influence of alcohol,” said Colonel Louw. “The pupils were not wearing school clothes and either bought the alcohol themselves or sent an adult to buy the alcohol,” she said.

Inspector Dyason said the situation calmed down when around 700 pupils at the Claremont terminus were moved to buses and trains by the officers.

He said law enforcement confiscated toy guns, pangas and alcohol.