100th birthday

Elvin Hitchcock was surrounded by friends and family as she celebrated her 100th birthday at the Brown and Annie Lawrence Home on Saturday December 1. Ms Hitchcock was born in South Africa but later moved to a rural settlement in Zimbabwe, where she was a teacher. She married Ebenezer Theodore (Theo) while in Zimbabwe and had three children, Ruth, Gavin and Rodger. Mr Hitchcock trained pilots before the couple moved to Bulawayo, where they ran a small-holding, producing dairy and chickens. Mr Hitchcock ran his garden market, while Ms Hitchcock took care of things on the farm. The couple moved to Cape Town in 2006, after their small-holding was burgled several times. They later moved to the Brown and Annie Lawrence Home. Mr Hitchcock died two years ago at the age of 101. Here is Ms Hitchcock with her daughter Ruth Prescott, left, and son, Gavin Hitchcock.