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A Year of Seasonal Dishes


Review: Brian Joss

This collection of recipes taken from the popular Food&Home Entertaining magazine is a compilation of the best that have featured in the past 10 years.

As the name suggests, the book has been divided into the 12 months of the year with 12 recipes for each one and includes, starters, mains, salad and desserts. You can find recipes for everything from butternut and onion flatbreads to macaroons with white chocolate ganache and everything in between – depending what’s in season.

The variety of flavours will appeal to every palate and taste. The recipes are easy to follow although preparation time may take a while. There is an icon at the bottom of each page which tells you whether the dish is suitable for vegans, gluten-free, dairy-free or if it is carb conscious. Cook’s tips are highlighted in boxes: for example when making Osso buco Milanese you can substitute the veal shin for beef shin, or when you’re preparing coconut-and-lime popsicles you can use orange or lemon zest for other flavours. There are 144 recipes ranging from cocktails to desserts and meals for special occasions, including Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. Thoughtfully, the compilers have included a seasonality chart that tells you which fruits and vegetables are available when and there is also a quantity conversion chart that will come in handy.

A Year of Seasonal Dishes will take you out of your comfortable cooking zone and tempt you to become a more adventurous chef.