Book review: Long Shadows

Long Shadows

David Baldacci

Pan Macmillan

Review: Karen Watkins

Long Shadows is the seventh instalment in the Amos Decker series.

This mystery thriller introduces Amos Decker’s new partner, Special Agent Frederica “Freddie” White, as they tackle a complex brutal murder case in South Florida.

Also known as the “memory man”, Decker has synaesthesia – perfect memory recall that serves him well in his work with the FBI but is a curse when he recalls details of returning home way back when and finding his whole family murdered.

The story begins with a federal judge and her bodyguard found murdered in her home, setting the stage for a challenging investigation.

Decker’s partnership with White adds a layer of tension, as they both have their own issues to deal with.

The book starts strong, with a promising setup, but as the story progresses, it becomes bogged down by a multitude of characters and complex plot twists that can be overwhelming.

The pacing suffers and the eventual reveal of the mystery is underwhelming, leading to a lacklustre ending.

Despite these drawbacks, Baldacci’s writing is meticulous and crisp, his characters are multi-layered, scarred, and reliable.

The intricate plot, while convoluted at times, keeps

the reader engaged and guessing.

The dynamic between Decker and White shows promise as their partnership adds depth to the story.

Fans of the Amos Decker series may still find enjoyment in the book but it may not be the best entry point for new readers.

For first-timers, it can be read as a standalone.