Book review: Andrea Dondolo’s book of poetry

I Declare: An Offering of Love for Words

Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo

Lesedi House

Review: Phiri Cawe

Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo has released her first book of poetry celebrating love and connectivity to oneself.

Dondolo is an author, praise poet, actress and sangoma.

She hopes the book will help address the identity crisis in expressing love, embracing love in all its shapes, forms and its complexities..

She has always been an inspiration on stage and her creativity has come out in book form, an extension of her praise poetry work.

The book envelopes one in magical words of love, lived through various spaces. Identity, culture, ideals, spirituality and even patriotism are deeply explored.

The style of the book makes it timeless and inspirational. I even found two or three poems that are duolingo within the book, in IsiXhosa and English, a true testament of her love for social cohesion.

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